Mint Sauce Media - A Creative Ideas Company
Two words sum up Mint Sauce's ethos.



Relating to or involving the
use of the imagination or
original ideas to create



Showing or expressing
strong beliefs, interest,
or enthusiasm.

We pride ourselves on our high quality and cost effective services.

After almost 10 successful years of working as a Freelance Graphic and Website Designer, Christopher Bayles and his partner Jennet decided to launch Mint Sauce Media. We are a fresh, forward thinking Creative Media company, formed to provide high end agency services, without the high end agency prices.

We specialise in Web Design and Development, Graphic Design and Print, Logo and Brand Identity, Video Production, Photography and Social Media, where we combine deep technology expertise with leading digital and creative design capabilities.

Whatever your ideas, dreams, or challenges, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Creativity is our forte, and it shows in our work.

What We Do
Combining years of experience all under one roof.
Web Development

Graphic/Print Design

Logo/Brand Identity

Video Production


Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The Mint Creative Process

We follow these 4 steps to deliver your project successfully.


We Listen

The first stage is all about putting the fundamentals in place.
We like to meet with you initially and have a detailed conversation to establish we fully understand your vision, the project’s objectives and ultimate goals. Getting to know our clients personally allows us to maintain a friendly professional relationship and continue to work together on future projects.


We Brainstorm

Taking the information we have received from yourselves, our creative team will lock themselves in a darkened room (only kidding - we have lights!) and turn into multiple idea generators!
We don't stop until we have filled the large studio whiteboard twice! Every thought we come up with is talked about in detail to see if there is any mileage in the idea.


We Create

Armed with lots and lots of creative ideas thought up during our brainstorming session, we start to work these up into viable solutions which we can then present to you, the client. These are driven by the vision, ideas and strategic objectives we discussed with you. We are happy to work with any additional suggestions and ideas you may propose.


We Deliver

Once you are happy with the idea(s) presented to you, we then get to work drawing up the final concept, fine tuning this into the creative masterpiece you deserve. We will keep in regular contact with you during this process, showing our progress and taking on board any comments or suggestions you may have, until we have the end product to deliver.

The Mint Sauce Superheroes

Our team are a mix of experienced creatives and technical bods who know their stuff. We've also worked together at different stages of our careers and firmly believe that as friends and associates, we produce the best work and deliver the appropriate and effective solutions for your business.

Christopher Bayles


Chris, a staunch Bradford City fan, owns the business with his partner Jennet. With around 25 years of commercial experience, Chris will ensure your web, graphic design and print requirements are well catered for.

Chris Bayles
Owner | Graphic Design | Web Design & Development
Jennet O'Donnell


Jennet, who has to put up with fiancé Chris being a staunch Bradford City fan, co-owns the business and looks after the digital marketing and social media. She also cooks a mean curry doesn't she Chris? Chris - "Yes!"

Jennet O'Donnell
Co-Owner | Social Media
Andy Hay


Andy has worked in design for more years then he cares to remember, and has worked with some very large brands along the way. Very talented, pretty funny and a bit bald, he's an all round top bloke. Competes with Chris to be the funniest in the office, and probably is.

Andy Hayne
Brand Specialist | Graphic Designer | Art Director

Sarah Wood


What Sarah doesn't know about web design and development can be written on the back of a stamp. Knowledgeable and dependable, you couldn't be in safer hands when it comes to your website project.

Sarah Wood
Web Design & Development

Kevin Crabtree


With his vast experience and array of motion skills, Kevin specialises in making your business look great via the medium of video and animation. However big or small the project may be, Kevin will ensure your video needs are met.

Kevin Crabtree
Video Producer | Motion & Animation Expert

Stephen Garnett


We really need a full page to be able to tell you about Stephen's experience and achievements! An acclaimed national and regional award-winning photographer, Stephen produces a distinct style of fresh, engaging and charismatic imagery over an array of photographic disciplines. Awesome!

Stephen Garnett

The success of your business is the success of our business.